This unique course uses a visual memory approach to help you memorize important concepts and formulas.

It includes video lectures, study notes and covers all the learning outcome statements according to the 2024 program curriculum. Moreover, the topic is followed by practice questions to help you grasp the concepts.

Our preparation course includes study guides with achievements and progress metrics to help you keep your study goals on track by checking completed milestones along the way.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Ethical and Professional Standards

    • Video - Introduction to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct

    • Video - Standard I Professionalism

    • Video - Standard II Integrity of Capital Markets

    • Video - Standard III Duties to Clients

    • Video - Standard IV Duties to Employers

    • Video - Standard V Investment Analysis, Recommendation and Actions

    • Video - Standard VI Conflict of Interest

    • Video - Standard VII Responsibilities as a CFA Institute/CIPM Association Member or CIPM Candidate

    • Study Notes - Ethical and Professional Standards

    • Practice Questions


Boris Korenak, PhD, CFA, CIPM, FRM

Boris is a financial professional with working experience for Fortune 500 company. He is a CIPM® certificate holder, CFA® charterholder and certified FRM® with passion for teaching. He has held CFA® Program preparation courses at the Evanson Institute in Dubai, UAE. He also has more than 5 years of experience lecturing university finance courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Boris enjoys watching games of his favorite team “Toronto Raptors” and he loves to travel.

Aleksandar Cvetojevic, CFA, CIPM

Alexander’s rich professional experience includes a finance managerial position for Fortune 500 company. He is CIPM® certificate holder and CFA® charterholder with passion for financial risk modelling and derivatives analysis. He has implemented and overseen solutions for hedging interest rates, foreign exchange, equity and commodity risk exposures. In his free time, Alexander enjoys hiking and skiing.

Aleksandra Ivanis

Aleksandra is a University of Waterloo graduate with a Degree in languages and communication. She has 14 years of professional experience in one of the Big 5 Canadian banks. She has held countless training sessions and presentations and enjoys working with people. Aleksandra is fluent in French, Spanish and Italian.

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